Jack and the Beanstalk – Fairy Tale

Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale

Part 1: Jack’s Worries

Jack and the Beanstalk Story: Once upon a time, in a cozy cottage nestled on the edge of a sprawling green meadow, lived a boy named Jack and his mother. They were poor folk, making do with just enough to get by. Now, Jack was a good lad, quick-witted and always ready to help out. But lately, a worry cloud had settled over their little home.

You see, their milk cow, Daisy, had grown old and stopped giving any milk at all. This was a terrible thing! How would Jack and his mother make porridge now? Or churn creamy butter for their bread? Or have any warm milk to sip on those chilly mornings?

Days turned into nights, and still, Jack searched for answers. He weeded the vegetable garden with extra care, hoping for a bounteous harvest. In the nearby village, he offered to sweep the baker’s floors or scrub the butcher’s pots for a loaf of bread or a scrap of meat. But even that wasn’t enough.

“If only…” Jack mumbled one afternoon, leaning against Daisy’s warm flank. She chewed slowly, looking as sad as he felt.

“If only what?” chirped a voice from nearby. Jack startled and spun around. There, beside a large sunflower, stood a funny little man in a tattered green coat. His beard was a scraggly bird’s nest, and his eyes twinkled merrily.

“Just talking to myself,” Jack replied, cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

“No worries, lad,” the man chuckled, “We all do silly things when we’re feeling down. What’s got you in a knot anyway?”

Well, one thing led to another, and by the time the sun began to set, Jack had poured out all his worries to the strange little man.

Part 2: A Magical Trade

As Jack finished his tale of woe, the strange man clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t you fret, young Jack,” he declared. “I’ve got something that’ll fix your problems right up!”

Jack furrowed his brow. This funny little man seemed awfully confident, but still… how could anything help poor Daisy?

From a deep pocket in his tattered coat, the man pulled out a small leather pouch. He grinned widely, revealing a mouth with only a few scattered teeth. With a dramatic flourish, he tipped the pouch upside down into his palm. Five small beans spilled out.

“Now, these aren’t just any beans,” the man proclaimed. “These, my boy, are magic!”

Jack stared, not sure whether to laugh or scoff. Were these really supposed to help? Still, the old man seemed so excited that Jack didn’t have the heart to argue.

“Look here now,” the man winked, leaning down so their faces were nearly level. “If you plant these beans tonight, beneath the light of the silvery moon, something spectacular is bound to happen. And spectacular,” he continued mysteriously, “is just what you need, isn’t it now?”

Well, it couldn’t hurt to try, could it? Reaching out, Jack picked up the little beans. They were smooth and hard, a funny mottled brown color.

Suddenly, a thought dawned on Jack. Daisy! They’d been so busy talking, he’d forgotten all about her. She needed to be sold for money, that was the only way. Jack’s heart twisted as he turned to the old man.

“See here,” Jack started, the words stumbling out. “There’s my dear old cow, Daisy. Now, what if I traded you that cow for these ‘magic’ beans of yours?”

The man beamed. “Why, that’s a wonderful idea!” he cried. “A trade it is!”

Before Jack could say another word, the man slapped the pouch of beans into his hand, snatched Daisy’s lead rope, and vanished with a giggle that sounded like leaves rustling in the wind.

“Wait!” Jack yelled, leaping towards the sunflower where the man had been standing. But there was no one there, only the gentle swaying of the flowerheads.

Let’s find out what happens when Jack makes this unbelievable trade.

where Jack’s worries multiply… and maybe that magic takes root!

Part 3: A Mother’s Disapproval

Holding the leather pouch tightly, Jack raced back to the cottage. His head swam with confusion. Just minutes ago, he’d had a perfectly good cow, and now all he held were some silly beans and the strange man’s promise of ‘spectacular’.

“Jack!” His mother stood in the doorway, arms akimbo. A frown creased her face. “Where have you been? It’s nearly suppertime, and Daisy was getting restless…”

Jack gulped. How was he going to explain this? Suddenly, he shoved the beans into his pocket, trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Oh, just checking on the…ah… carrots!” he stammered. “They looked extra… orange today!”

His mother narrowed her eyes. Jack braced himself – she knew her son as well as she knew the lines on her own face.

“Jack,” she sighed, “What mischief have you gotten yourself into this time?”

And so, with a rush of words, Jack spilled the tale. About the beans, the strange man, and the foolish trade. He even held up his empty hands in a silent plea.

A gasp and then silence met his confession. Jack squeezed his eyes tight, waiting for the outburst.

“Beans?!” His mother cried when she’d finally found her voice. “Magic beans?! Jack, how could you be so reckless? We needed that cow!”

Hot tears pricked Jack’s eyes. He should have known this would happen.

“And now for your supper,” his mother continued coldly, “You will have nothing but a crust of bread.”

Shoulders hunched, Jack entered the silent cottage. It seemed everyone – himself included – had lost hope. As he chewed his measly meal, one of the little beans tumbled out of his pocket and rolled under the table.

That night was restless. Jack lay in bed, staring at the sliver of moonlight sneaking through the window, while the worry weasels gnawed at his insides. Was the old man just a crazy scammer? And now, even his good, kind mother wasn’t speaking to him.

Just when sleep seemed ready to claim him, he remembered the spilled bean. Tomorrow, just to satisfy his own curiosity, he’d plant the rest under the moonlight, as the man had instructed. And then, he’d just have to wait and see…

Let’s find out what the morning brings… is Jack doomed, or could a miracle be waiting?

where things get very strange indeed!

Part 4: A Giant Surprise

After a restless night, Jack crept out of bed before the first rays of sun had crept over the horizon. He retrieved the forgotten bean from under the table and slipped the leather pouch into his pocket. It felt reassuringly heavy with the four remaining beans. Stepping outside, he glanced back at his little cottage, where a thin wisp of smoke curled from the chimney – his mother was already starting breakfast. A lump formed in his throat. Even without saying a word, she couldn’t hide her disappointment.

Taking a deep breath, Jack followed a familiar path to the back garden. With trembling fingers, he dug four little holes in the soft earth, dropping one bean into each. A silly feeling washed over him. What was he doing? Trusting a crazy old man and his magic beans when he couldn’t even provide a glass of milk for his mother?

Just as the first glimmer of the sun bathed the freshly turned soil, Jack patted the loose earth gently over the beans and turned to go back inside. Then… something caught his eye.

The bean he’d dropped the night before! Just beneath the table, a thin green sprout was already rising up. It couldn’t be! Surely this wasn’t… was it? He blinked, hard. No, he wasn’t imagining things. That sprout was alive, and it was getting taller with each passing second!

“Well, now…” Jack breathed, kneeling down beside the quickly growing seedling. Something exciting sparked within him, pushing the worries away. Was the old man telling the truth after all? Faster and faster, the sprout twisted and climbed, sending tendrils around anything it could grip – a daisy plant, his trouser leg, a loose bit of fencepost. Its stalk thickened until it was as wide as his wrist, then wider still. This strange new plant kept stretching towards the sky with uncanny speed.

By mid-morning, it was so tall Jack had to crane his neck to see where it ended. At the very top, where its leafy top was lost amongst the clouds, Jack thought he could spot a strange swirl of shapes…

Let’s explore what lies beyond those clouds!

when our brave Jack ascends into a whole new world:

Part 5: Beyond the Clouds

“It…it can’t be,” Jack stammered, staring up at the impossible plant swaying gently in the breeze. Was it a trick of the light, or was there really something strange up there among the clouds?

An overwhelming curiosity burned inside him. The old man had promised ‘spectacular’, hadn’t he? Well, climbing a giant beanstalk would certainly fit the bill, wouldn’t it? With a nervous grin and a trembling heart, Jack grabbed hold of the thick, rope-like stalk and hoisted himself upwards.

Hand over hand he went, the cool morning air turning crisper with each upward pull. The familiar sounds of his world – the twittering of birds, the buzzing of insects, his mother calling for him from the cottage – began to fade. Soon, all he could hear was the thrum of his own determined heart and the rhythmic squish of beans beneath his grip.

Suddenly, sunlight blinded him. His head broke through the fluffy blanket of clouds to reveal a sight he would never forget. Spread out before him stretched a green countryside, dotted with tidy fields and a glistening river that wound its way through the hills. But everything was… oversized. Those weren’t just shrubs lining the field – they were trees tall enough to scrape the heavens! And those boulders scattered across the meadows… they were the size of his family’s cottage!

Then, with a jolt that nearly sent him tumbling, he spotted something so fantastical it seemed like an illusion. Perched on top of a massive hill stood a castle. It wasn’t just big, it was colossal! The turrets pierced the clouds, and the windows sparkled like a hundred precious gems. Jack could hardly believe his eyes.

Now, Jack was never one to back down from a challenge, so catching his breath, he carefully made his way up the plant towards those distant turrets. It was a long, tiring climb, but as the castle grew nearer, he could hear something – an enormous rumbling that shook the leaves around him.

Can Jack overcome the next challenge? Let’s find out!

where Jack meets a very hungry (and very large) new neighbor!

Part 6: Face to Face with a Giant

As Jack trudged closer to the imposing castle, that earth-shaking rumble he’d heard before morphed into a terrifying groan and thunderous footsteps. Each thump rattled his weary bones, each gust of wind seemed to carry a strange chanting:

“Fee Fi Fo Fum!” the voice thundered, “I smell the blood of an Englishman!”

The words struck terror into Jack’s heart. This wasn’t some empty castle! There was a giant living here, and the giant had noticed him. Jack frantically looked around for a place to hide. Maybe in one of those enormous bushes? Or, he could always try to shimmy back down the beanstalk…

Suddenly, there was a WHAM! and a flash of bright golden light. Jack covered his eyes and peeked through his fingers. A mountain of red beard protruded from the front door of the castle. He blinked to make sure he was seeing correctly. The giant was enormous! This man (if you could call him a man) wasn’t just twice as tall as Jack, but ten times, maybe twenty!

Panic rising, Jack spun around. With the agility of a frightened squirrel, he darted into what looked like a shed attached to the castle. Shutting the door silently behind him, he leaned against the wood, panting. This had been a mistake, a terrible, horrible idea! Who in their right mind would sneak into a giant’s castle?

A moment passed, then another. There was the creak of an opening door, followed by an oddly quiet series of THUNK… THUNK… THUNK… Jack bit back a terrified scream. The footsteps were headed toward the shed!

Frantically, he scanned the room for a hiding place. An old barrel? No, too shallow. Inside the rusty furnace? Maybe… and then – yes! His gaze fell upon a huge woven sack tucked in the corner, its opening nearly as wide as Jack’s entire body. He didn’t have time to think – just react!

Jack scrambled into the sack, pulling its edges over his head just as the shadow of the giant swallowed the shed doorway. Jack held his breath.

Let’s find out what happens next! Does Jack have a clever escape plan, or has he fallen prey to an unsuspecting giant?

where Jack finds himself in a bit of a pickle…

Part 7: A Close Call

Inside the sack, Jack trembled. Each heavy step taken by the giant made the ground beneath him quiver. He held his breath, not daring to even squeak. Was this it? Was his luck about to run out?

“Fee Fi Fo Fum!” the giant bellowed again, his words seeming to reverberate inside Jack’s own head. He heard the sounds of plates clanging, a chair dragging across a stone floor, and monstrous chewing noises.

Minutes dragged by, and Jack grew desperate. If he didn’t find a way to escape soon, he’d suffocate inside this stifling sack! Finally, with a burst of courage, he poked a tentative finger through the weave of the fabric. A tiny sliver of light revealed rows of barrels, a cracked grindstone, and…wait…was that a mousehole under the wall?

Ever so carefully, Jack maneuvered himself towards the crack of light. The sound of the giant’s snores gave him courage. It seemed that despite his enormous appetite, the giant’s naptime had arrived.

Wriggling out from the sack, Jack crept on tiptoes past the giant’s enormous boots towards the mousehole. His heart pounded. One clumsy step, one startled squeak, and his escape plan would be over!

Just as he nearly sighed in relief, disaster struck. A loose thread from the sack caught on a nail, snapping Jack backward. With a cry that seemed louder than he could have imagined, he went tumbling past the snoring giant…

A huge snort blasted against him, causing his ears to ring. Then, as though awakened by a cannon blast, the giant shot up. Two eyes the size of wagon wheels peered down at Jack, and a grin spread across the giant’s face. In a split second, a meaty hand scooped Jack off the floor, as easily as picking a dandelion.

“Well, well, well,” the giant chuckled darkly. “Just the snack I’ve been needing.”

“Wait, sir!” Jack tried to sound brave, but his voice crackled. “You don’t want to eat me!”

“And why not?” The giant rumbled. His gaze was more amused than angry.

Jack had to think fast. This was his only chance…

Can Jack convince the giant? Let’s find out!

where Jack gets creative to save his skin!

Part 8: Jack’s Tall Tale

“Why,” Jack declared, trying to project confidence despite his fear, “because I can spin gold just like Rumpelstiltskin!”

The giant’s laughter boomed like thunder, shaking the castle walls. For a moment, Jack wondered if he’d miscalculated – wouldn’t every giant want someone that could make them even richer? But the giant only looked more pleased than before.

“Can you really, then?” he snorted, still clutching Jack tightly. “Prove it!”

Jack swallowed hard. This was ridiculous, of course he couldn’t spin gold! But his life was on the line here. Suddenly, a plan started to hatch in his mind. His mother had always praised his quick weaving skills… it wasn’t quite gold, but perhaps that could pass!

“Very well,” Jack replied, keeping his voice as even as possible. “But I’ll need… materials. Some straw, and a spinning wheel of course. That’s how it’s done.”

The giant, though clearly doubtful, couldn’t help but be intrigued. “We’ll find those easily enough,” he grumbled, before tossing Jack back into the sack – much more gently this time – and marching out the door.

Within minutes, he was back with a mountain of straw and a dusty old spinning wheel that looked like it hadn’t moved in centuries. The giant unceremoniously dumped Jack at the foot of the pile before sitting back to watch, arms crossed across his massive chest.

“This should be interesting,” he rumbled. “But if you’re lying, boy, you’ll not like what I’ll cook up for dinner.”

Beads of sweat formed on Jack’s brow. It was time to get crafty! Using a wisp of straw, he wedged the rough wheel under a table to stop it from rolling away. Then, taking a deep breath, Jack sat down and began spinning the straw in circles… fast! At first, it seemed an impossible task. The straw was brittle and unyielding. But little by little, with steady hands and a clever trick of twisting and turning, the straw coiled into a thin, rough thread.

“By golly!” the giant gasped, leaning forward in his seat. “Could he really be doing it?”

The thread thickened with every spin, becoming stronger and surprisingly golden in the afternoon light. With every yard of gleaming straw-thread, the giant’s excitement grew.

Jack knew he’d only bought himself a bit of time. Still, with a spark of hope and a sly grin, he kept on spinning until the last wisp of straw was transformed…

Let’s see if Jack’s scheme keeps working!

where Jack faces the consequences of his clever deception:

Part 9: A Greedy Giant

When the last speck of straw disappeared into a gleaming line of thread, a hush fell over the great hall. In front of Jack was a shimmering mound of golden ‘yarn’, as tall as he was!

A bellow of triumph filled the room. Greed glistened in the giant’s eyes as he snatched a handful of the straw-gold. “You’ve done it, boy!” he chortled, “Oh, the things I’ll buy, the places I’ll go…” Visions of riches danced in his head.

“Yes, yes,” Jack interjected, “But I do require sustenance to keep spinning for you. It requires great concentration, you see?”

“Of course! Anything!” The giant agreed readily. It was the least he could do for his magical new servant. And wouldn’t he be glad he’d kept this scrawny little human when the endless gold came pouring in? He scurried back and forth, bringing Jack steaming plates of food and jugs of ale – more food than Jack had ever seen at once!

Gobbling down plate after plate, Jack tried to stretch out his feast as long as humanly possible. It wouldn’t do for the giant to realize that all this ‘spinning of gold’ was nothing but a cleverly spun tale. Jack had no interest in riches; he longed to snatch those magic beans and flee this treacherous castle. With every mouthful, a plan began to brew.

After several more rounds of feasting, the giant finally noticed Jack slowing down. His face began to twist into a confused frown.

“Something wrong, boy?” he growled. Jack could smell the disappointment, like spoiled milk. His heart hammered in his chest. Maybe the jig was up? Was that a glint of anger in the giant’s eyes?

“Oh, not at all,” Jack replied, patting his full belly. “I feel just… a bit weary. If I could just rest here by this lovely pile of spun gold for a few moments…” He batted his eyelashes innocently.

“Of course, of course!” the giant said with a wave of his hand. He wasn’t about to lose his newfound source of magical yarn now. “Just close those eyes for a moment. You deserve it!”

Just like the giant before him, Jack was overcome with fatigue, but his exhaustion was real. And thankfully, the giant seemed just as eager for a midday nap. With a gentle sigh, Jack allowed himself to be enveloped by darkness.

Will Jack get away? Let’s find out in Part 10!

where Jack goes for the gold – or rather, the beans!

Part 10: A Daring Escape

A chorus of snores echoed through the giant’s castle – the perfect lullaby for Jack’s daring plan. Cautiously, he opened one eye, then the other. The enormous mound of ‘spun gold’ shimmered just a few feet away, and beside it, the towering figure of the giant lay sleeping with loud, earth-shaking snores. This was his chance!

Silently, Jack crept towards the golden mound. The rough straw-thread felt unfamiliar in his hands, but with a quick glance at the sleeping giant, he started making a makeshift coil. He needed something long enough to drop off the side of the table, so he could climb back down…

Just as he was finishing, a strange sound made him freeze. It was a soft ‘plink!’, and it had come from a pile of treasures the giant had stashed nearby. Something small and round had rolled onto the stone floor. Jack strained his eyes in the half-light. Wait a minute… was that a bean? No, it couldn’t be… surely one of the magic ones could never have escaped that leather pouch in his pocket all those weeks ago!

But then, another ‘plink!’ echoed forth, and another bean bounced into view. With each magical roll, Jack’s hopes climbed sky-high. Had the beans spilled without him even realizing? His hands shook with excitement as he scooped them up, one by one. This was more than he’d dared imagine!

Then, from a far corner of the giant’s treasure chamber, Jack noticed a glint of gold… Not another bean, but something even more familiar. There, hanging beside a tarnished crown, was his father’s golden watch – sold to buy food when times were desperately lean. His heart quickened – surely there were more family trinkets here, things that would mean more than endless riches!

Quickly, efficiently, Jack filled his pockets with treasures. The gleaming watch, his mother’s pearl earrings, even a battered copper teapot his grandmother had kept on the fire for as long as he could remember. Each item felt more precious than any bean. Suddenly, he felt more determined than ever to escape. The giant seemed smaller, less invincible than before. This greedy man couldn’t truly claim these stolen goods – they belonged to those who knew how to care for them!

With his straw-gold rope ready, and his pockets filled with more than mere beans, Jack edged towards the window, flung the makeshift rope down, and began his long descent…

Oh no!

where the chase is on!

Part 11: The Giant Awakens!

Halfway down the makeshift rope, the castle lurched and shook. Had the giant simply rolled over in his sleep? Jack froze, peering back through the open window.

No. This wasn’t just a sleepy rumble. The giant was roaring!

“Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell the blood of an English…THIEF!” His eyes fell upon the golden straw thread dangling from the window and onto the pile of discarded golden beans. Then, Jack swore he saw a flash of rage ignite the giant’s eyes.

Jack scrambled downward as fast as his aching arms would allow. The giant was reaching for the window! His voice echoed with threats of squashing Jack like a bothersome bug. Time was running out!

Just when Jack feared his legs would give way, his feet touched the earth once more. Without pausing, he sprinted toward the beanstalk. Now, where had he dropped those extra beans? A frantic search of his pockets produced fistfuls of stolen treasures, but no beans. Had he left them inside the castle after all?

Just then, the ground shook with the weight of an approaching storm. Jack whirled around. From the top of the beanstalk, the giant was bellowing his rage and beginning his clumsy descent. With each of his earth-shattering strides, dust clouds spiraled into the sky.

Desperate, Jack looked around. Where were those blasted beans? Then his gaze fell upon his own feet… one tiny bean remained wedged between his shoe and the muddy earth.

“Yes!” he hissed, scooping it up with trembling fingers.

Planting the bean, Jack began to chant the only magical words he could think of in this frantic moment. “Grow! Grow! Please, just grow!”

Suddenly, with a rush of air and swirling leaves, the bean disappeared into the ground. An explosion of green vines surged skyward, winding around the original stalk and making it thicker, sturdier than ever before.

Just as the giant’s massive foot reached the ground, sending tremors that knocked Jack clean off his feet, the new vine wrapped around him like a strong arm and lifted him upwards!

Let’s find out if Jack makes it!

Here’s Part 12 – a narrow escape and a well-deserved lesson for the greedy giant!

Part 12: Back Home & A New Beanstalk

With the new vine as his guide, Jack scrambled upward with more speed than he ever thought possible. His hands ached as they grasped the tough stalk, his lungs screamed, and yet he knew that stopping even for a moment meant certain doom!

Meanwhile, the giant roared his frustrations. He tugged at the thick root system, pulling loose great clods of dirt and stones as he tried to free himself from the beanstalk’s grip. But despite his mighty strength, every pull sent him spiraling towards the heavens and further away from Jack.

Up and up Jack went, until the castle was nothing but a speck, and the world below lay silent and motionless. Finally, as his arms started to burn and his eyes watered with tiredness, the beanstalk burst upwards once more, through the fluffy clouds!

With one last leap, he tumbled across the threshold of his cottage garden, safe at last. His clothes were ripped, his limbs quivered with exhaustion, but a feeling of joyful relief swept over him. He had survived!

Suddenly, with a bone-crunching CRACK that ripped through the air, the beanstalk lurched, quivered, and then began to fall, its base torn violently from the earth. Jack stared in horror. Below, the giant tumbled into the sky, growing smaller and smaller until he was barely a pinprick on the horizon.

Just like that, it was over. And as the echo of the falling beanstalk faded, Jack realized something else – in his pocket were more of those magic beans. This time, he wouldn’t trade them for any cow that roamed the earth. This time, he’d make them grow on his terms. After all, a bit of magic doesn’t hurt now and again, does it?

With the treasures he’d retrieved, Jack and his mother were never poor again. He replaced old Daisy with a whole herd of hearty milk cows, paid for lessons on reading and writing, and even had a proper suit made for special occasions. But never again would he doubt his mother, or trade anything precious for a handful of seemingly magical beans.

As for the beans…well, there’s still a chance he’s used one or two. If Jack happens to have a rooftop vegetable patch of enormous proportions or an apple tree that reaches impossibly high into the sky, well, no one in the entire village dares to ask. Some things are just better left a mystery, wouldn’t you say?

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Jack and the Beanstalk – Moral

The moral of “Jack and the Beanstalk” is that true happiness and success come from being content with what you have and not taking things for granted. Jack’s journey teaches us to value hard work, honesty, and gratitude, and to avoid making impulsive decisions based on greed or desire for wealth.

Jack and the Beanstalk – Video Story

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