Sleep, Baby, Sleep – lullaby


Sleep, baby, sleep,
Thy father’s watching the sheep;
Thy mother’s shaking the dreamland tree,
And down drops a little dream for thee.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
The large stars are the sheep;
The little stars are the lambs,
I guess the moon’s the shepherdess.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Our cottage vale is deep;
The little lamb is on the green,
With snowy fleece so soft and clean.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Thy Saviour loves His sheep;
He is the Lamb of God on high,
Who for our sakes came down to die.

“Sleep, Baby, Sleep” is a traditional English lullaby that has been sung to children for centuries. The lyrics to the lullaby are simple and soothing, with a melody that is easy to sing. Here are the lyrics to “Sleep, Baby, Sleep”:

The lullaby is often used to help calm babies and young children, with the gentle melody and lyrics creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The imagery of sheep and lambs also adds to the soothing nature of the song, as these animals are often associated with safety and protection.

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