Sleep, Baby, Sleep – lullaby

Experience the calming effects of the traditional English lullaby 'Sleep, Baby, Sleep.' Discover the origins and lyrics of this beloved bedtime song

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Thy father’s watching the sheep;
Thy mother’s shaking the dreamland tree,
And down drops a little dream for thee.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
The large stars are the sheep;
The little stars are the lambs,
I guess the moon’s the shepherdess.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Our cottage vale is deep;
The little lamb is on the green,
With snowy fleece so soft and clean.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Thy Saviour loves His sheep;
He is the Lamb of God on high,
Who for our sakes came down to die.

“Sleep, Baby, Sleep” is a traditional English lullaby that has been sung to children for centuries. The lyrics to the lullaby are simple and soothing, with a melody that is easy to sing. Here are the lyrics to “Sleep, Baby, Sleep”:

The lullaby is often used to help calm babies and young children, with the gentle melody and lyrics creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The imagery of sheep and lambs also adds to the soothing nature of the song, as these animals are often associated with safety and protection.


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