The Christmas Mouse – Christmas Poems for Kids

The Christmas Mouse scurried out,
On Christmas Eve so cold,
In search of something wonderful,
That he had been told.

He saw the trees with lights aglow,
And heard the carols sung,
And felt the magic in the air,
That touched his little tongue.

He climbed up on the windowsill,
And peeked into the house,
And saw the family gathered there,
With love and laughter roused.

He saw the presents piled high,
Beneath the shining tree,
And wished that he could share the joy,
That he could somehow see.

And then he spied a tiny crumb,
That fell from someone’s plate,
And nibbled it with all his might,
In sweet and simple state.

The Christmas Mouse

And as he ate that little treat,
He felt a warming glow,
And knew that Christmas wasn’t just,
For people, don’t you know?

For in his heart he felt the love,
That filled the house that night,
And knew that he was part of it,
In his own special light.

And so he scurried back outside,
With joy within his heart,
And thanked the Christmas Mouse above,
For giving him a part.

“The Christmas Mouse” is a charming and heartwarming poem about a little mouse who discovers the magic of Christmas. The author of the poem is unknown, but its simple and sweet verses have delighted children for generations.

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