The Thirsty Crow and the Pitcher Story for Kids

the crow and the pitcher story

The Thirsty Crow and the Pitcher

The Crow’s Big Thirst

The sun beat down on the crow’s black feathers like a giant bonfire. He’d been flying all morning, his tongue feeling thick and scratchy. Every pond had dried up, every stream just a dusty ditch. “Water, water!” he croaked, his voice hoarse. Just as he thought he couldn’t fly another wingbeat, something shimmered below. A pitcher, sitting in the shade of a big, leafy tree!

The Tricky Pitcher

Hope made the crow‘s wings flutter faster as he landed beside the pitcher. He peered inside—yes, there was water! But it was just a puddle at the very bottom, far too low for his beak to reach. He circled the pitcher, squawking. He hopped up and down. He even tried tipping it over, but the pitcher was much too heavy. The crow slumped, his feathers drooping with sadness.

A Glimmer of Hope

Just when he was ready to give up, a shiny pebble on the ground caught his eye. Then another, and another! A tiny spark of an idea flickered in the crow’s mind. Could he…maybe… He picked up a pebble in his strong beak. It felt heavy, but he flew up to the pitcher’s edge and dropped it in. Plink! The water wiggled, just a tiny bit.

Pebbles and Patience

One pebble wasn’t enough, but the crow wasn’t a quitter. Down he flew, picked up another pebble, and up to the pitcher’s rim. Plink! Another pebble, then another. His wings began to ache, but something exciting was happening. The water was rising! Just a little at first, but with each pebble, it climbed higher and higher.

The Cool Reward

The crow kept working, sweat dripping from his brow. He was so close! With one last pebble, the water sloshed right to the top. Carefully, the crow lowered his beak and drank. The coolest, sweetest water he’d ever tasted washed away his thirst and filled him with joy. He chirped a happy song. With a little bit of cleverness and a whole lot of hard work, he’d solved his problem!

The Thirsty Crow and the Pitcher Extended

As the crow flew away, a wise owl was watching from a tree. The owl was impressed by the crow’s cleverness and flew down to talk to him. “Well done, my friend,” said the owl. “You have shown great intelligence and resourcefulness in solving a problem. You have also taught me a valuable lesson today.”

The crow was surprised to see the owl, and he asked, “What lesson have I taught you, my wise friend?”

The owl replied, “You have taught me that every problem has a solution, and sometimes the solution is closer than we think. You could have given up and flown away, but you persevered and found a way to quench your thirst. Your determination and persistence have inspired me to never give up on my goals.”

The crow was pleased to have inspired the owl and said, “Thank you, my wise friend. I am glad that my actions have taught you something valuable. Remember, intelligence and resourcefulness are the keys to overcoming any obstacle.”

The wise owl nodded and said, “I will remember that, my friend. You have shown me that even the smallest and simplest of creatures can possess great intelligence and wisdom.”

And so, the thirsty crow and the wise owl parted ways, each carrying a valuable lesson with them. The crow had learned the importance of using his wit and ingenuity to solve problems, and the owl had learned the value of perseverance and determination.

In conclusion, the story of the thirsty crow is a classic tale that teaches us valuable lessons about resourcefulness, determination, and persistence. It shows us that even the smallest and simplest of creatures can possess great intelligence and wisdom. We should never give up on our goals and always use our intelligence and resourcefulness to find solutions to our problems.

The Thirsty Crow and the Pitcher Story in Short

Once upon a time, there was a thirsty crow searching for water. He flew from place to place, but he couldn’t find any water. Finally, he found a pot with very little water in it.

The crow tried to drink the water from the pot, but his beak was too short to reach it. He thought for a while and then got an idea. He started picking up small pebbles and dropping them into the pot one by one. As he kept dropping pebbles, the water level in the pot rose gradually.

After a while, the water level was high enough for the crow to drink. He quenched his thirst and flew away happily.

Moral of the story: Where there is a will, there is a way.

The Thirsty Crow Story FAQs

A: The story teaches us the importance of persistence and determination in achieving our goals. We should never give up when faced with a problem, but instead use our intelligence and resourcefulness to find a solution. It also shows us that even the smallest and simplest of creatures can possess great intelligence and wisdom.

A: The story of the thirsty crow is a popular fable that originated in India. It has been passed down through generations and is a well-known story in many cultures around the world.

A: The story of the thirsty crow is suitable for all age groups, but it is particularly popular among children. The simple yet engaging storyline and the moral lesson make it a great story for parents to share with their kids.

A: The moral of the story is that intelligence and resourcefulness can overcome any obstacle. When faced with a problem, it is important to think creatively and use all available resources to find a solution. We should never give up on our dreams, but instead use our intelligence and resourcefulness to find a way to overcome any obstacles in our path.

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