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The Story of Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, in a beautiful kingdom, a king and queen had a beautiful baby girl. They named her Aurora, and they invited all the fairies in the land to her christening. They forgot to invite one fairy named Maleficent, who was very angry about not receiving an invitation.

At the christening, the fairies each gave Aurora a special gift. However, when Maleficent arrived, she was furious about not being invited, and she cursed Aurora. She declared that on her sixteenth birthday, Aurora would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die.

One of the good fairies who hadn’t given her gift yet, softened the curse, and she said that Aurora would not die, but only fall into a deep sleep. She added that Aurora would awaken only by the kiss of true love.

The king and queen were heartbroken, and they decided to hide Aurora away in a tower, where no spinning wheels were allowed. They also asked the fairies to keep watch over her.

Years passed, and Aurora grew up into a beautiful princess. She had never left the tower and didn’t know about the curse placed on her. One day, while the king and queen were away, Aurora met a handsome prince named Philip in the forest, and they fell in love at first sight.

They talked for hours and had such a wonderful time that they didn’t even notice the sun setting. They were having such a good time, in fact, that they didn’t realize that they had fallen in love.

When Philip had to leave, he asked Aurora to meet him again the next day, and she agreed. But when she returned to the tower, the fairies told her the truth about the curse, and that she was to be hidden away again to avoid the curse.

However, on her sixteenth birthday, Maleficent found Aurora and lured her to a spinning wheel. Aurora pricked her finger on the spindle and fell into a deep sleep, as the curse had predicted.

The fairies put Aurora in a bed of flowers and put the entire kingdom to sleep. However, Prince Philip had not forgotten Aurora and was determined to rescue her. He fought his way through the thorns that had grown around the castle, and he finally reached the princess.

When he saw her sleeping, he kissed her on the lips, and she woke up. The curse was broken, and the kingdom woke up too. Aurora and Philip fell in love all over again, and they got married.

The moral of the story is that true love conquers all. No curse or obstacle can stand in the way of two people who are truly meant to be together. Even though Maleficent had cursed Aurora, the power of love was stronger, and it saved Aurora from the curse.


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