The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

A colorful illustration of the town mouse, looking polished in a tiny waistcoat, and the country mouse, looking cheerful in a straw hat, share a friendly conversation.

Part 1: Friends with Different Lives

Once upon a time, there were two mice who were the best of friends. One was a town mouse, and he lived in a big, bustling city. The other was a country mouse, and she lived in a quiet, cozy field.

The town mouse had a fancy house in the kitchen of a grand home. He could nibble on crumbs of cake and cheese whenever he wanted! The country mouse lived in a tiny hole at the edge of the field. She ate seeds and berries that she found.

Even though they lived very different lives, the town mouse and the country mouse loved to visit each other.

Part 2: The Town Mouse Visits the Country

One day, the town mouse decided to visit the country mouse. “It will be a nice change,” he thought.

When he arrived, the country mouse was so happy to see him! She showed him around her field and gave him a tour of her comfy mouse hole. Then, she made him a simple, delicious dinner of seeds, roots, and a juicy berry for dessert.

The town mouse nibbled a bit here and there, but he didn’t seem to enjoy the food. “How can you live like this?” he asked the country mouse. “Your food is so plain!”

The country mouse offers her simple meal of roots and seeds to the town mouse, who looks unimpressed in his fancy clothes.

Part 3: The Country Mouse Visits the Town

The country mouse felt a bit hurt, but she was also curious about the town mouse’s exciting life. “Why don’t you come back to the city with me,” offered the town mouse. “I’ll show you how much better it is!”

The country mouse agreed. She couldn’t wait to see all the wonders her friend had told her about.

When they got to the city, the town mouse took the country mouse to his house in the big kitchen. On the table was a feast! There was leftover cake, bits of cheese, and all sorts of yummy-looking treats. The country mouse’s eyes grew wide with excitement.

Part 4: An Unexpected Guest

Just as the two mice were about to start eating, they heard a loud noise. “Meow!” A big cat leaped onto the table, scattering the feast. The town mouse and the country mouse squeaked and scurried as fast as they could back to the mice hole.

Exhausted and out of breath, Town Mouse said, “I’m sorry, Country Mouse. I had no idea that living in the countryside was so dangerous. I appreciate your hospitality, but I think it’s time for me to return to the safety of my city life.”

Country Mouse understood and said, “I completely understand, Town Mouse. But remember, no matter how busy and noisy the city may be, the peace and tranquility of the countryside is something that can’t be compared to anything else.”

And with that, Town Mouse bid farewell to Country One and returned to her city life, where she realized that the simple and peaceful lifestyle of the countryside was something that she truly missed. From that day on, she made it a point to visit Country Mouse often, and they remained good friends forever.


The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is a classic fable that tells the story of two mice with different lifestyles. Town Mouse lives in a busy city and Country Mouse lives in a peaceful countryside. Town Mouse visits Country Mouse and experiences the simple lifestyle of the countryside, but also faces the dangers that come with it. In the end, Town Mouse realizes the value of the peaceful countryside and they remain good friends forever. The story teaches children the importance of appreciating what they have and the value of simplicity.

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The moral of The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is that it is important to appreciate what we have and not to take it for granted. The story shows that even though the city may offer more variety and excitement, the peaceful and simple life of the countryside can be just as fulfilling. It also teaches children to be careful and appreciate the safety and security of their own home and surroundings.

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